ECFC(ECoinFund Coin) White paper

ECFC brief introduction

  1. ECF Coin (ECFC for short) is the perpetual participation certificate launched officially by Ecoinfund.
  2. The total number of ECFC is 16 million.
  3. Each ECFC is the equivalent of one participation right.
  4. The Ecoinfund platform will provide 50% transaction fee for the holder of ECFC as the participation in profit proportionally.
  5. In the future, ECFC is likely to be the basic coin of the Ecoinfund platform and participate in the market transactions (according to actual situation).

Ways to get ECFC

  1. New user will get ECFC the first time he login.
  2. When user invites other new users to login, both of them will get ECFC.
  3. Transactions (buying from the sale of non-self) will get ECFC.

Rules of distributing ECFC participation in profit

  1. Ecoinfund will publish the volume of trade and the financial statement of transaction fees of last month from 00:00:00 of first day to 23:59:59 of last day on the 1st of every month.
  2. Ecoinfund will deposit the participation in profit into the user’s transaction account on the 1st of every month (the payment will be delayed if meets the National Day, Spring Festival and other long holiday).
  3. This plan of participation in profit will come into force on April 1st.

Miscellaneous Clause

detailed annotation of ECFC algorithm

Total quantity of ECFC: 16 million
Remaining quantity of ECFC The first time to log in Inviting new user to log in Per 1 BTC Fee Per 1 LTC Fee Per 1 DOGE Fee Per 0.1b CENT Fee
8 million < ECFC ≤ 16 million 4 20 100*500 2.5*500 0.00012*500 25*500
4 million < ECFC ≤ 8 million 2 10 50*500 1.25*500 0.00006*500 12.5*500
2 million < ECFC ≤ 4 million 1 5 25*500 0.625*500 0.00003*500 6.25*500
1 million < ECFC ≤ 2 million 0.5 2.5 12.5*500 0.3125*500 0.000015*500 3.125*500
…… …… …… ……
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