Terms of Service

Terms confirmation of the Service Agreement

Using Rules

  1. Upon using the services from ECoinFund, the user signifies his consent to 'Fee' of ECoinFund.
  2. In the use of network services of ECoinFund , the user has got to abide by the following principles:
    1. Abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.
    2. Abide by all the networking protocol , regulations and procedures related to network services.
    3. Network service system shall not be used for any illegal purpose.
    4. ECoinFund service system shall not be used in any behaviors that may have adverse impacts on the operation of Internet or mobile networks.
    5. ECoinFund network service shall not be used to upload, display or spread any information that contains falsity, maliciousness, abuse, threat, obscenity or other illegal resources.
    6. The user shall not infringe on the patent, copyright, trademark, reputation or other legitimate rights and interests of any third party.
    7. Shall not use ECoinFund service system for any behavior that maybe adverse to ECoinFund.


  1. ECoinFund has the obligation to ensure the normal operation of the system except for the following situations:
    1. Computer viruses or malicious network attacks.
    2. Service interruptions caused by some irresistible factors, the communication network breakdown or line failure.
    3. Out of service in accordance with the law.
  2. User expresses the consent to the risks from ECoinFund and agrees to take risks entirely by himself.
  3. ECoinFund cannot guarantee that network services will 100% meet user's requirements.
  4. Comments from users are only personal views and do not mean that we agree with their views or confirm the description. Our website does not assume any liability for user comments.
  5. ECoinFund reserves the right to adjust the fee of deposit , withdraw and trade basing on the market. ECoinFund reserves the right to determine the initiate and end date of the promotion period.
  6. Based on the special nature of the Internet, ECoinFund does not guarantee the timeliness and security of service and not be responsible for any obligations that not caused by ECoinFund.


Rules for Coin Listing and Delisting

  1. All the recommended altcoin will be added to voting pool after we verify carefully.
  2. An effective vote will cost 10 ECFC(EcoinfundCoin), repeating vote are allowed, the exchange market will be open as soon as the voting reach 1000.
  3. Each kind of coin will be examined after open the transaction each month.
  4. The standard of examination is based on the BTC market: 20BTC; LTC market: 800LTC; doge market: 16,000,000 doge. If the standard is not reached, the exchange of this coin will be warned at last 3days of that month and then be cancelled at the first ten-day period of next month.
  5. When the urgent situation come up, Ecoinfund has the right to cancell the trade of coin temporarily. The notice will be issued later.


  1. ECoin Fund reserves the right of final interpretation.
  2. This agreement shall enter into force upon publication. ECoinFund reserves the right to modify the content of the agreement. The revised results will be published on the website. If does not agree to the modification made by ECoinFund, user has the right to stop using the network services. If continue to use the service, it’s deemed that the user accept the modification made to this agreement by ECoinFund.
  3. The validity, explanation, modification, implementation and dispute resolution are applicable to the law of the People's Republic of China. If there is no relevant law, shall reference to universal international business practices and (or) industry practices. This agreement contains general norms that you should comply with when using ECoinFund. Besides, you should also comply with some particular norms (please refer to other agreements and you have signed with ECoinFund and ECoinFund principles). As a general specification and particularity of inconsistent or conflicting norms, the norms have priority particularity effect.
  4. Dispute arising hereunder shall determine the specific object based on the service platform you have used. For example, dispute arising from ECoinFund service shall be communicated and resolved by ECoinFund operator. Upon any dispute, you and ECoinFund operator agree to take the people’s court of the forum domicilii as the first instance governing court.
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