To reward the active users of Ecoinfund,occasionally we will present altcoin to user who is the top 500 ECFC holder. About ECFC
If you would like to provide a certain amount of altcoins to reward the active users of Ecoinfund and participate our 'giveaway' event, please contact us.: [email protected]
Logo Currency Name Code Official Website Total Date
WineCoin WNC 700000 2014-08-07
RainbowGoldCoin RAIN 100000000 2014-07-17
Pennies CENT 200000000 2014-06-24
LoveCoin LOVE 10000 2014-06-21
ALIENCOIN ALN 50000 2014-06-13
Pennies CENT 100000000 2014-06-12
SoccerCoin SCC 100000 2014-06-03
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